an ancient Carthaginian family to which Hamilcar, Hasdrubal, and Hannibal belonged.
Historical Examples

A Barca has arrived from S. Erasmo, the island of the market-gardens.
New Italian sketches John Addington Symonds

They sailed into the small harbor of Barca at ten in the morning.
Creatures of the Abyss Murray Leinster

Denham advised him to submit, and Barca Gana, appearing, invited him to dismount.
Great African Travellers W.H.G. Kingston

So that you could not take a speaking horn and halloa for a Barca?
The Admiral Douglas Sladen

Barcelona, named after the powerful family of Barca in Carthage, to which Hannibal belonged.
A Short History of Spain Mary Platt Parmele

On reaching the railway-station we chartered a Barca to take us to our hotel.
‘Farewell, Nikola’ Guy Boothby

Once, at Barca, I saw a white raven—but perhaps after all it was only a dove.
Serapis, Complete Georg Ebers

Of this number about three hundred thousand belong to Barca.
The World and Its People: Book VII Anna B. Badlam

Barca, the Bornou general, had three horses killed under him.
Celebrated Travels and Travellers Jules Verne

In 509 a second expedition was dispatched against Barca, a colony of Cyrene.
Authors of Greece T. W. Lumb

the surname of several noted Carthaginian generals, including Hamilcar, Hasdrubal, and Hannibal

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