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a boating song of the Venetian gondoliers.
a piece of music composed in the style of such songs.
Historical Examples

The singing society then sang a barcarolle, the words of the first line being, “Of the sea, our yacht is the pride.”
Quincy Adams Sawyer and Mason’s Corner Folks Charles Felton Pidgin

In Chopin’s barcarolle there is a number of trills preceded by grace notes.
Piano Playing Josef Hofmann

She did as he asked her, and he was silent until the last note of the barcarolle died away in a softly murmured breath.
The Heart of a Woman Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy

He had it–the “barcarolle,” the boat-song from the “Tales of Hoffmann!”
Silver and Gold Dane Coolidge

Strictly speaking, the barcarolle is an Italian boat-songbarca being the Italian word for boat.
Descriptive Analyses of Piano Works Edward Baxter Perry

Herein lies the idea of the barcarolle, the ebb and flow, the undulation of each measure.
Piano Mastery Harriette Brower

Still, the barcarolle is one of the most important of Chopin’s compositions in the nocturne-style.
Frederick Chopin as a Man and Musician Frederick Niecks

Lenz, who did not know the barcarolle, thereupon went to a music-shop and read it through attentively.
Frederick Chopin as a Man and Musician Frederick Niecks

The first kiss of her first love—moonlight, and the barcarolle.
To Tell You the Truth Leonard Merrick

Upstairs a door was opened, and a sweet, girlish voice trilled two bars of a Venetian barcarolle.
A Speckled Bird Augusta J. Evans Wilson

a Venetian boat song in a time of six or twelve quaver beats to the bar
an instrumental composition resembling this


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