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a sheep with a defective growth of wool on its belly and legs.


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  • Bareboat

    providing a boat only, exclusive of crew, stores, fuel, and the like: a bareboat charter.

  • Bare bones

    the irreducible minimum; the most essential components: Reduce this report to its bare bones. There is nothing left of the town but the bare bones—a couple of stores, a church, and a few houses. Contemporary Examples Inmates eat their two daily meals and shower in bare bones, but air-cooled, indoor facilities. The Immigrant Prison Nightmare […]

  • Bareboned

    lean or spare, as a person. emaciated; gaunt: bareboned victims of a terrible famine.

  • Bare down

    to hold up; support: to bear the weight of the roof. to hold or remain firm under (a load): The roof will not bear the strain of his weight. to bring forth (young); give birth to: to bear a child. to produce by natural growth: a tree that bears fruit. to hold up under; be […]

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