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Also, barefooted. with the feet bare:
a barefoot boy; to walk barefoot.
Carpentry. (of a post or stud) secured to a sill or the like without mortising.
Historical Examples

The same tools made addresses from the courts and even engaged every barefooted fellow to sign addresses from the counties.
Give Me Liberty Thomas J. Wertenbaker

The door opened and the nurse carried in the baby, barefooted.
The Life of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson Nellie van De Grift Sanchez

The next job was to make moccassins for ourselves and for the oxen, for it was plain they could not go on another day barefooted.
Death Valley in ’49 William Lewis Manly

The Dakotan came in barefooted with two large bundles of copy.
Child and Country Will Levington Comfort

Both were barefooted; Maria wore a simple white dress, and Ramon a linen shirt and trousers.
Our Little Cuban Cousin Mary Hazelton Wade

Turning to a wild elf of a barefooted child in the crowd he spoke to her.
Greyfriars Bobby Eleanor Atkinson

She was barefooted; and, unless I strangely mistook, her face was as ghastly as the one Perry had been speaking of that night.
The Story of Charles Strange Vol. 2 (of 3) Mrs. Henry Wood

While we sat there barefooted and worked we discussed the pending big battle.
A Virginia Scout Hugh Pendexter

Yes, and barefooted, wild-eyed and untaught, but suffering—and such suffering!
Tess of the Storm Country Grace Miller White

A man may be bald-headed, and it’s genteel; but to be barefooted, it’s ruination.
Incidents of the War: Humorous, Pathetic, and Descriptive Alf Burnett

adjective, adverb
with the feet uncovered

Old English bærfot; see bare (adj.) + foot (n.).

To go barefoot was a sign of great distress (Isa. 20:2, 3, 4), or of some great calamity having fallen on a person (2 Sam. 15:30).


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