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with the head uncovered.
Contemporary Examples

After so many centuries of dull black-and-white, he led us bareheaded into an outdoor, Technicolor future.
This Is Why Your Kid Is Fat Kent Sepkowitz November 24, 2013

He congratulated me on having lived for a week bareheaded in East Texas without getting beaten with a tire iron.
‘The Land of the Permanent Wave’ Is Bud Shrake’s Classic Take on ‘60s Texas Edwin Shrake February 1, 2014

Halkin goes on to acknowledge, however, that he would never fight for bareheaded praying rights.
Halkin’s Inauthentic Women of the Wall Critique Mira Sucharov June 24, 2013

Historical Examples

She was bareheaded and the light of morning was in her eyes.
The Eye of Dread Payne Erskine

Some of them had on their hats, others were bareheaded, as if they belonged there.
The Rich Little Poor Boy Eleanor Gates

The men in this procession were bareheaded, and all the passers-by took off their hats.
The Preaching Tours and Missionary Labours of George Mller (of Bristol) Mrs. Mller

She was bareheaded, clad in a black stuff dress, and was smoking a cigarette.
Virgin Soil Ivan S. Turgenev

Behind me rode Beverly Clarenden bareheaded, his face aglow with power.
Vanguards of the Plains Margaret McCarter

The young man, bareheaded, paced the terrace like a sentinel.
IT and Other Stories Gouverneur Morris

Suddenly, a stout, brawny, bareheaded man rushed to the entrance from which the liberated people had just emerged.
The Cleverdale Mystery or, The Machine and its Wheels W. A. Wilkins

adjective, adverb
with head uncovered


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