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Barfly jumping


the sport of jumping at and sticking to a Velcro-covered wall while wearing a Velcro suit, often in UK bars
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  • Barfmail

    barfmail messaging Multiple bounce messages accumulating to the level of serious annoyance, or worse. The sort of thing that happens when an inter-network mail gateway goes down or misbehaves. [Jargon File] (1996-01-05)

  • Barfola

    barfola noun An unattractive woman; dog, double-bagger (1980s+ College students)

  • Barfulation

    barfulation /bar`fyoo-lay’sh*n/ Variation of barf used around the Stanford area. An exclamation, expressing disgust. On seeing some particularly bad code one might exclaim, “Barfulation! Who wrote this, Quux?” [Jargon File]

  • Barfulous

    barfulous /bar’fyoo-l*s/ (Or “barfucious”, /bar-fyoo-sh*s/) Said of something that would make anyone barf, if only for aesthetic reasons. (1995-02-22)

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