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Bargain counter

a counter or area in a retail store where merchandise is sold at reduced prices.
Historical Examples

“Ask him if there’s a bargain counter anywhere in the dining-room,” whispered Peaches.
You Should Worry Says John Henry George V. Hobart

What I learned from Pauline was that most of it came by way of the bargain counter.
A Woman of Genius Mary Austin

Only by its sufferance of the bargain counter and of sweatshop-made goods has the nuisance existed as long as it has.
A Ten Year War Jacob A. Riis

Now, see here—I ‘m not on the bargain counter for money or anything else.
Beth Norvell Randall Parrish

There’s a lovely pattern on the bargain counter at Shell’s for fourteen cents, all over roses.
Just Sixteen. Susan Coolidge

You can not buy it on a bargain counter; it is a staple product and demands full value–the sublimest qualities of your being.
A Fleece of Gold Charles Stewart Given

I am not going to put myself on the bargain counter any longer by going around as though I had a skim milk opinion of myself.
The Victorious Attitude Orison Swett Marden

Only by its sufferance of the bargain counter and of sweat-shop-made goods has the nuisance existed as long as it has.
The Battle with the Slum Jacob A. Riis.

Im going shopping with itshopping for some bargain counter health, replied the tall boy.
The Last of the Flatboats George Cary Eggleston

During all this time a middle-aged woman had been sitting on a stool beside the bargain counter.
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908 Lucy Maud Montgomery


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