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a straight stitch worked in a high and low relief pattern to form a variety of zigzag or oblique designs.
needlepoint work or a design done in such stitches, especially the traditional needlepoint created by a classic stitch (Florentine stitch) done in diagonal lines.
Historical Examples

Another of the interesting buildings is the bargello, an important museum.
Old Continental Towns Walter M. Gallichan

I went to the town and did some shopping and went over the bargello.
Passing By Maurice Baring

You can imagine the way Leslie will go about Florence, his purse in his hand, asking the price of the bargello.
The Lee Shore Rose Macaulay

He recalled to her that she was the next morning to visit the bargello.
The Red Lily, Complete Anatole France

So our good “bargello” is liberated and graciously pardoned.
A Decade of Italian Women, vol. I (of 2) T. Adolphus Trollope

As he was going home, suddenly, just as he was passing the bargello, he stopped.
Aaron’s Rod D. H. Lawrence

The same tendencies are to be noted in the bronze putto at the bargello.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 6 Various

This is now in the bargello, having been replaced by a cast.
Cathedral Cities of Italy William Wiehe Collins

Therefore Tito had felt easier when he knew that the Eight had gone to the bargello to order the instant erection of the scaffold.
Romola George Eliot

The famous marble bust of a “Flower Girl” is in the bargello.
The Century of Columbus James J. Walsh


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