Barium 140

the radioactive isotope of barium having a mass number of 140 and a half-life of 12.8 days, used chiefly as a tracer.

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  • Barium bromate

    colorless, slightly water-soluble, poisonous crystals, Ba(BrO 3) 2 ⋅H 2 O, used in the preparation of certain bromates.

  • Barium carbonate

    a white, poisonous, water-insoluble powder, BaCO 3 , used chiefly in the manufacture of rodenticides, paints, and dyes. Historical Examples The barium carbonate can then be filtered off and converted into any desired salt by the processes already described. An Elementary Study of Chemistry William McPherson barium carbonate also gives a precipitate, and is useful […]

  • Barium chloride

    a colorless, crystalline, water-soluble, poisonous solid, BaCl 2 ⋅2H 2 O, used chiefly in the synthesis of pigments and in the manufacture of rodenticides and pharmaceuticals. Historical Examples Write equations to represent the reactions involved in the preparation of barium chloride from heavy spar. An Elementary Study of Chemistry William McPherson Sulphites give with barium […]

  • Barium chromate

    a yellow, crystalline compound, BaCrO 4 , used as a pigment (barium yellow)

  • Barium peroxide

    a grayish-white, water-insoluble, poisonous powder, BaO 2 , used chiefly in the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide and as a bleaching agent for textiles. Historical Examples The rear chamber of the bullet held a cup containing the mixture of barium peroxide and magnesium. America’s Munitions 1917-1918 Benedict Crowell

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