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Barking dogs

barking dogs

noun phrase

Tired or sore feet (1930s+)
Contemporary Examples

The Bears needed a shot of adrenaline to wake the barking dogs.
The Hit Heard Around the World Rich Cohen November 6, 2013

Historical Examples

At length some of the “boys” bethought themselves of the old adage about barking dogs, and concluded to try his mettle.
The History of Peru Henry S. Beebe

Might not the street be as it always was, with laughing children and barking dogs?
The Street That Wasn’t There Clifford Donald Simak

There’s a small order just come in, for barking dogs; and I should wish to go as close to Natur’ as I could, for sixpence.
The Cricket on the Hearth Charles Dickens

There was the sound of fire-arms and of barking dogs on the hills sacred to the Leghorn.
Ancestors Gertrude Atherton

barking dogs, frightened house maids and discourteous lackeys we found everywhere, but neither work nor food for the four of us.
On the Trail of The Immigrant Edward A. Steiner

Strength, whether in barking dogs or fumes or what-not, appeals to the race.
Villa Elsa Stuart Henry

As ‘barking dogs seldom bite,’ I paid little attention to his threats.
The Missing Link in Modern Spiritualism A. Leah Underhill

The sound of barking dogs and crowing cocks came off the land with that clearness which all sounds assume in a fog.
The Wild Geese Stanley John Weyman

Puling infants and barking dogs add their discord to the din and confusion.
Rabbi and Priest Milton Goldsmith


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