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a woman who bartends; bartender.
Historical Examples

Of an excitable nature, she burst into tears, and the barmaid ran in.
Johnny Ludlow, Third Series Mrs. Henry Wood

“There’ll be dancing here this evening,” the barmaid informed him.
The Tinted Venus F. Anstey

The barmaid told her he had gone into the town to post a letter, and asked Dolly to step into the bar-parlour to wait.
Johnny Ludlow, Third Series Mrs. Henry Wood

All have a word or a good-morning or a joke with the barmaid.
A Gentleman’s Gentleman F. Hopkinson Smith

“Show him up,” said the barmaid to a waiter, without deigning another look at the exquisite, in reply to his inquiry.
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, v. 2(of 2) Charles Dickens

The stockbroker flirts with the barmaid—cases have been known; often he marries her.
Tea-Table Talk Jerome K. Jerome

And what d’you think your friends will say to your marrying—a barmaid?
Plays: Lady Frederick, The Explorer, A Man of Honor William Somerset Maugham

The “barmaid” collar is the double collar, at that time just coming into fashion.
The Hill Horace Annesley Vachell

My father had helped him again and again, until his marriage with a barmaid.
The World’s Greatest Books, Vol VI. Various

The barmaid, who was polishing her spirit measures, looked at him curiously.
People of Position Stanley Portal Hyatt

a woman who serves in a pub

1650s, from bar (n.2) + maid.


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