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Barn swallow

a common swallow, Hirundo rustica, of North America and Eurasia, that nests in barns and similar buildings.
Historical Examples

At times it twitters like a barn swallow, at times it emits a single harsh note like that of the eave swallow.
Life Histories of North American Shore Birds, Part 1 (of 2) Arthur Cleveland Bent

The eggs of the barn swallow and cliff swallow are more or less speckled.
Riverby John Burroughs

The ground sparrow builds a lovely little nest; and what a curious nest is that of the barn swallow.
Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad Various

That’s why he is called the barn swallow, and why you never have seen his nest.
The Burgess Bird Book for Children Thornton W. Burgess

The barn swallow chooses the beams inside the barn, and there are often three or four or more nests in the same barn.
The Children’s Book of Birds Olive Thorne Miller

Where did the barn swallow nest before the country was settled?
Birds and Poets John Burroughs

They liked the barn swallow who flew through the air, almost as if he were so happy that he danced as he flew.
Seven O’Clock Stories Robert Gordon Anderson

The barn swallow is heard first, followed in a day or two by the squeaking of the cliff-swallow.
Wake-Robin John Burroughs

The barn swallow and house wren feather their nests at the expense of the hens and geese.
Riverby John Burroughs

The barn swallow has a dull reddish breast, and his back is rich blue, almost black.
The Children’s Book of Birds Olive Thorne Miller

the US and Canadian name for the common swallow, Hirundo rustica See swallow2


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