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a borough of Greater London, England.
Contemporary Examples

He fought with skill and courage at the battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury.
Unraveling King Richard III’s Secrets February 12, 2013

Historical Examples

Not till Warwick, ‘the Kingmaker,’ was laid low on Barnet field, did the kingly ideal become paramount.
The Siege of Norwich Castle Matilda Maria Blake

Barnet, the Mozambique man, joined us also, making four in all.
Ned Myers James Fenimore Cooper

The quasi-despotic monarchy of the Tudors and Stuarts was founded on the field of Barnet.
Battles of English History H. B. (Hereford Brooke) George

You speak of the young farmer Barnet and his wife, I suppose?
The Works of Whittier, Volume V (of VII) John Greenleaf Whittier

Early on the seventh morning after he had left his native place, Oliver limped slowly into the little town of Barnet.
Oliver Twist, Vol. I (of 3) Charles Dickens

In Pasquil’s Jests, the tale is told of a “young woman of Barnet.”
Shakespeare Jest-Books; Unknown

He had remained faithful to him during the rebellion of Clarence; he had been the hero of the day both at Barnet and Tewksbury.
The Last Of The Barons, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

There are also two convalescent homes, one at Barnet and one at Brighton.
Deaconesses in Europe Jane M. Bancroft

His thought was, that her account of him to Barnet might send men flying back for the real Sir Valentine.
A Gentleman Player Robert Neilson Stephens

(Brit, slang) hair
a borough of N Greater London: scene of a Yorkist victory (1471) in the Wars of the Roses. Pop: 324 400 (2003 est). Area: 89 sq km (34 sq miles)


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