a member of a British hereditary order of honor, ranking below the barons and made up of commoners, designated by Sir before the name and Baronet, usually abbreviated Bart., after:
Sir John Smith, Bart.
Contemporary Examples

It is the prerogative of a viscount or a baron to make a person feel small, and of a baronet to extinguish him.
Twain’s Conversations with Satan Mark Twain April 25, 2009

Historical Examples

“I have a good mind to go to London with you,” said the baronet.
The Hound of the Baskervilles A. Conan Doyle

Tim might scoop up an immense fortune and be made a baronet.
Gossamer George A. Birmingham

Your husband is the baronet and he can if he likes assume the “Sir” at once.
The Life of Sir Richard Burton Thomas Wright

Sir William’s father was dead, and though only eighteen, he was a baronet.
Down the Rhine Oliver Optic

Was he not a baronet with ten thousand a year coming to him?
Doctor Thorne Anthony Trollope

She did not like the baronet, and she did like the young commander.
Down the Rhine Oliver Optic

I could neither fawn nor cringe, and the baronet, who was a high-spirited man himself, loved me for my independence.
The Monctons Susanna Moodie

For his success he received the thanks of parliament and was created a baronet.
The Greatest Highway in the World Anonymous

Of course nothing was said about Marie and no further allusion was made to the painful subject of the baronet’s “property.”
The Way We Live Now Anthony Trollope

(in Britain) a commoner who holds the lowest hereditary title of honour, ranking below a baron Abbreviation Bart., Bt

c.1400, diminutive of baron; originally a younger or lesser baron; as a titled hereditary order, established 1611.

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