a steep-walled ravine or gorge.
a gully with steep sides; arroyo.
Historical Examples

They approached across the high plains, making straight for the entrance to this barranca.
The Wolf Cub Patrick Casey

The next question that arose was, how I was to get across the barranca.
The War Trail Mayne Reid

All at once a loud noise was heard, and the bottom of the barranca was illumined by a number of torches.
The Freebooters Gustave Aimard

It had been done in that terrible leap upon the rocky bed of the barranca.
The War Trail Mayne Reid

At sundown we reached the head of the barranca del Oro, a vast cleft that traversed the plain leading down to the deserted mine.
The Scalp Hunters Mayne Reid

And he pointed to the flying enemy on the other side of the barranca.
The Rifle Rangers Captain Mayne Reid

It was born and bred in the barranca, otherwise it would never have been able to accomplish this feat.
Unknown Mexico, Volume 1 (of 2) Carl Lumholtz

This was, no doubt, a channel by which the stream escaped from the barranca.
The Desert Home Mayne Reid

In a short while she rose to her feet again, and rushed back toward the barranca.
The Scalp Hunters Mayne Reid

Then with that calmness usual to him the hunter advanced to the edge of the barranca.
The Trapper’s Daughter Gustave Aimard

noun (pl) -cas, -cos
(Southwestern US) a ravine or precipice

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