Barred owl

a large owl, Strix varia, of eastern North America, having its breast barred and abdomen streaked with dark brown.
Historical Examples

And when that ceased a barred owl hooted in the woods, away to the north.
Rolf In The Woods Ernest Thompson Seton

I retired to the vicinity of the willows and uttered the cry of the barred owl.
The Killer Stewart Edward White

The facial disc is very large, and the eyes are small and yellow, while those of the barred owl are large and blue black.
The Bird Book Chester A. Reed

To get the true effect of a barred owl’s hooting, one wants to find the home of a pair in an ancient gum-swamp.
Wild Life Near Home Dallas Lore Sharp

The cry of the barred owl is also imitated in localities which these birds frequent at night, with the most happy results.
Nests and Eggs of Birds of The United States Thomas G. Gentry

A very similar but slightly paler variety than the barred owl, and with the toes bare, as in alleni.
The Bird Book Chester A. Reed

The great horned owl and the barred owl only were singled out for punishment.
Conservation Reader Harold W. Fairbanks

If it had been the barred owl, the third note would have been doubled and the last note would have had a drop in its cadence.
Everyday Adventures Samuel Scoville

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