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having a broad, prominent chest or thorax.
Historical Examples

Lester gave her a hug, and it smelled of the old days and the old Lester, the giant, barrel-chested pre-fatkins Lester.
Makers Cory Doctorow

Distorted, humpbacked and barrel-chested, it scuttled on reed-thin legs to Goat’s side.
Rebels of the Red Planet Charles Louis Fontenay

“Hello, Orville Potts,” said another long-armed, barrel-chested attendant.
A Thought For Tomorrow Robert E. Gilbert

Tee turned and saw a barrel-chested red-haired giant holding up a drink in the immemorial bar toast.
Faithfully Yours Lou Tabakow

The Phantom pointed a finger at a tall, barrel-chested man at the end of the line.
The Gray Phantom’s Return Herman Landon

One of them, barrel-chested and somewhat pompous in his manners, seemed to be a representative of the district attorneys office.
The Gray Phantom Herman Landon

It was wielded by a red-haired, red-bearded, barrel-chested giant whose blue-green eyes were as cold as death.
The Syndic C.M. Kornbluth

having a large rounded chest

having an outwardly rounded chest, like a barrel side


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