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Barrel vault

a vault having the form of a very deep arch.
Historical Examples

Thomas did not believe that a barrel vault was used in these apartments; the span would have been too great.
A History of Art in Chalda & Assyria, v. 1 Georges Perrot

The church is covered by a barrel vault, the crossing of the transepts being crowned by a dome.
Cathedral Cities of France Herbert Marshall

The Corpus Domini has its own sculptured doorway, and three bays covered by a barrel vault carried on pointed arches.
How France Built Her Cathedrals Elizabeth Boyle O’Reilly

The barrel vault (a half cylinder) was known to the Egyptians and Assyrians.
How France Built Her Cathedrals Elizabeth Boyle O’Reilly

They were a variant of the barrel vault of the region preferred because less material was required.
How France Built Her Cathedrals Elizabeth Boyle O’Reilly

The central aisle has a barrel vault, and the side aisles quadripartite vaults.
The Care of Books John Willis Clark

The planks covered the barrel vault, which was called “Arches,” situated beneath the roof.
Virginia Architecture in the Seventeenth Century Henry Chandlee Forman

Over 200 feet long, it has a dome-surmounted transept in the middle, and a barrel vault divided into panels.
Portuguese Architecture Walter Crum Watson

The lower story is covered by a barrel vault with strong transverse arches at intervals.
Byzantine Churches in Constantinople Alexander Van Millingen

The vaults commonly found are the barrel vault, the cross-groined vault, and the dome-vault.
Byzantine Churches in Constantinople Alexander Van Millingen

(architect) a vault in the form of a half cylinder Also called wagon vault, tunnel vault


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