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Barren lands

a sparsely inhabited region of tundra in N Canada, especially in the area W of Hudson Bay.
Historical Examples

It suited English policy that even, the barren lands of Snowdon should be divided.
The History of England T.F. Tout

But the Apaches had their warlords also, rider of barren lands.
The Defiant Agents Andre Alice Norton

The river has many moods; one time in the barren lands, another time in bogland, and then in hanging gardens and woodland.
Furze the Cruel John Trevena

He’s the fellow that went to the barren lands with a niblick.
The Seven Darlings Gouverneur Morris

Irrigation bids fair to be of vast benefit to the country as, little by little, barren lands are rendered fertile.
American Inventions and Inventors William A. Mowry

And he went to the barren lands, armed only with his niblick and a camera.
The Seven Darlings Gouverneur Morris

Along the Peiho river lay a sandy plain with scant tillage and great stretches of barren lands.
Winning the Wilderness Margaret Hill McCarter

You’ve been to the barren lands and all sorts of wild places.
The Seven Darlings Gouverneur Morris

We’ll hit north and spend the winter along the edge of the barren lands.
The Country Beyond James Oliver Curwood

These flocks always return from the barren lands in the far north by the same road, and cross rivers by the same fords.
The Human Side of Animals Royal Dixon

plural noun
the Barren Lands, a region of tundra in N Canada, extending westwards from Hudson Bay: sparsely inhabited, chiefly by Inuit Also known as the Barren Grounds


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