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a small cap, akin to the biretta, worn in the Middle Ages by soldiers and ecclesiastics.
Historical Examples

“You have been in the water, I fear,” said barret, in a tone of pity.
The Eagle Cliff R.M. Ballantyne

“He is an old schoolfellow of mine,” said barret in a low voice.
Fighting the Flames R.M. Ballantyne

barret switched off the teleceiver set and stepped out of the booth to face the muzzle of Astro’s blaster.
Sabotage in Space Carey Rockwell

The hamlet displays no sign of life, nevertheless barret is cautious.
The Eagle Cliff R.M. Ballantyne

Poor barret became more and more overwhelmed as she went on.
The Eagle Cliff R.M. Ballantyne

As we have said, barret stood immovable, not knowing very well what to do.
The Eagle Cliff R.M. Ballantyne

“There seems to be some one down at the pool now,” remarked barret, looking back.
The Eagle Cliff R.M. Ballantyne

Accordingly, after the meal was over, Archie carried barret off to his workshop.
The Eagle Cliff R.M. Ballantyne

That same day, Milly, barret, and Jackman arranged that the mystery of the cowardly young man must be cleared up.
The Eagle Cliff R.M. Ballantyne

“It is not like barret to be late,” observed the laird that evening, as he consulted his watch.
The Eagle Cliff R.M. Ballantyne

a small flat cap resembling a biretta

type of flat cap, 1828, from French barrette, cognate with Spanish birreta, Italian beretta (see biretta).


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