Sir Charles, 1795–1860, English architect.
John, 1745–1803, American naval commander in the Revolution.
Leonora Marie Kearney (“Mother Lake”) 1849–1930, U.S. labor leader and social activist, born in Ireland.
Philip, 1896–1949, U.S. playwright.
a male given name: from an Irish word meaning “spear.”.
Contemporary Examples

This infuriated his grandfather, who cursed Barry and never spoke to him again.
Sebastian Barry’s Quarrel With Irish History J.P. O’Malley May 6, 2014

Who wouldn’t want to work with Patti LaBelle, Barry White, or Quincy Jones?
Big Daddy Kane: The Hip-Hop MC on Las Supper, Madonna, Jay-Z, and What’s Next Curtis Stephen April 15, 2013

Barry famously spent six months in federal prison 22 years ago on a cocaine-possession conviction.
Marion Barry, Comeback King, on Spitzer, Weiner, and Being Truly ‘Humble’ Lloyd Grove July 14, 2013

His outrageous comments, though, are more symptomatic of the outrageous person Barry is.
Washington D.C. ‘Mayor for Life’ Marion Barry’s Most Outrageous Lines Caitlin Dickson May 22, 2012

In New Zealand, Barry Manilow records were blasted throughout a local mall to drive away loitering punks.
Britney Spears’s Music Is Used to Fight Off Somali Pirates (Stop Laughing) Kevin Fallon October 27, 2013

Historical Examples

All these things Barry took in with quick professional perception.
Gold Out of Celebes Aylward Edward Dingle

Barry Watson leaned forward and pointed down and to the right.
Adaptation Dallas McCord Reynolds

They saw Barry bend low; they saw the stallion increase its pace.
The Seventh Man Max Brand

What Captain Barry had in mind, Rowland was too weak to inquire.
The Wreck of the Titan Morgan Robertson

Mrs. Barry was silent for several moments, during which the talk of the men ran on.
The Walking Delegate Leroy Scott

(Austral, slang) a mistake or blunder; a disappointing performance
a port in SE Wales, in Vale of Glamorgan county borough on the Bristol Channel. Pop: 50 661 (2001)
(ˈbærɪ). Sir Charles. 1795–1860, English architect: designer of the Houses of Parliament in London
(French) (bari). Comtesse du. See du Barry
John, real name John Barry Prendergast. 1933–2011, British composer of film scores, including several for films in the James Bond series

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