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a city in S California.
Contemporary Examples

For a critique of the Barstow piece, read Andrew Ferguson, in Commentary.
At Last, the Truth About Tea Partiers Tunku Varadarajan April 14, 2010

The Barstow Unified school district in California had just voted to close two schools to cut costs.
Elon Musk-Backed SolarCity Thrives in Solar Power Sector Josh Dzieza May 13, 2013

Historical Examples

The little face that Molly made at her father wasn’t quite respectful, but Mr. Barstow only laughed at it.
Dick in the Everglades A. W. Dimock

Write to him, Barstow, and ask him if he wants to come up here.
Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete Albert Bigelow Paine

We’ve just had shoals, and now father and mother say they really can’t help it, and Barstow must settle them for himself.
The Girls and I Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth

He had written to Barstow, he said, asking when they thought he might be needed.
Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete Albert Bigelow Paine

It came to be known in the restaurant that the stranger’s name was Barstow, and very soon he had ceased to be a stranger.
IT and Other Stories Gouverneur Morris

The scene somehow reminded Barstow of one of Poe’s landscapes.
In a Little Town Rupert Hughes

Always orderly and quiet, Barstow gradually, however, established pleasant and even joking terms with the waitresses.
IT and Other Stories Gouverneur Morris

When Barstow had reached the hotel again he went in to his supper.
In a Little Town Rupert Hughes


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