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a large, yellow, juicy variety of pear.
John, 1820–1905, U.S. publisher: compiled Familiar Quotations.
John Russell, 1805–86, U.S. editor and bibliographer of early Americana.
Josiah, 1729–95, U.S. physician and statesman.
Paul Wayland, 1865–1925, U.S. sculptor.
Robert Abram, 1875–1946, U.S. arctic explorer, born in Newfoundland.
Vernon, 1894–1983, English writer.
a town in SW Tennessee.
a town in NE Illinois.
a male given name, form of Bartholomew.
Contemporary Examples

To be sure, Mitt Romney’s unpopularity might refute this theory, but even so, Bartlett is talking about something important here.
David’s Book Club: The Benefit and the Burden Noah Kristula-Green February 21, 2012

Finally, Bartlett addresses the real elephant in the room: much of the conservative opposition to a VAT is ideologically based.
The Case for a VAT Justin Green November 28, 2012

Bartlett gives the VAT a fair examination, acknowledging its problems as well.
David’s Book Club: The Benefit and the Burden Noah Kristula-Green February 21, 2012

The Tea Partiers should open Bartlett’s and locate their economic rhetoric within mainstream conservative thought.
The Original Tea Partier Bryan Curtis October 19, 2010

Now, as to Mr. Bartlett’s support for the Lincoln option: this is an absolutely, positively, wildly irresponsible idea.
Obama’s Debt Ceiling ‘Lincoln’ Option Justin Green December 2, 2012

Historical Examples

These boars, as I may add on the authority of Mr. Bartlett, when fighting together, stand directly face to face.
The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex Charles Darwin

“Yes, and catch their deaths of fever and ague,” said Mrs. Bartlett.
In the Midst of Alarms Robert Barr

When they were out of earshot Miss Bartlett stopped her wails and said quite briskly: “Have you told him about him yet?”
A Room With A View E. M. Forster

Bartlett’s read that book fourteen times, and it’s all he knows.
In the Midst of Alarms Robert Barr

It was after the game was over, and Mr. Bartlett had won the whole thing.
St. Cuthbert’s Robert E. Knowles

the Williams pear, used esp in the US and generally of tinned pears


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