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Clara, 1821–1912, U.S. philanthropist who organized the American Red Cross in 1881.
Derek H(arold) R(ichard) 1918–98, English chemist: Nobel Prize 1969.
Sir Edmund, 1849–1920, Australian jurist and statesman: prime minister 1901–03.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

The boutique in Spitalfields follows on from Barton’s handbag line.
Odd Couple! James Middleton and Mischa Barton Tom Sykes August 8, 2012

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) Apologizes to BP Some of Hayward’s toughest critics, however, don’t lag that far behind Barton.
BP’s Biggest Congressional Hypocrites Benjamin Sarlin June 19, 2010

That scene with Margaret and Barton is essential for them going to that next step where he tries to kill himself.
Allison Janney’s Incredible ‘Double O’ and That ‘Masters of Sex’ Love Scene Jason Lynch July 13, 2014

Their book appears to have inspired other conservative Christians finally to take a critical look at Barton.
Christian Right Historian David Barton in Freefall Over ‘Jefferson Lies’ Michelle Goldberg August 10, 2012

The biggest change, according to Barton, is the diminishing public interest in her personal life.
Whatever Happened to ‘The O.C.’ Star Mischa Barton? Ramin Setoodeh March 25, 2013

Historical Examples

At the same instant, Major Barton entered, followed by two men.
Tom Burke Of “Ours”, Volume II (of II) Charles James Lever

“Mr. Barton wrote to us about you,” Farnsworth continued briskly.
The Wall Street Girl Frederick Orin Bartlett

It was now for Ralph a race to the engine and his friend Barton.
Ralph on the Engine Allen Chapman

He might suggest Barton to Farnsworth, and drop around and see him to-morrow.
The Wall Street Girl Frederick Orin Bartlett

He had taken some excellent photographs of Silver Cloud and company, which he had left with the Barton family.
Doctor Jones’ Picnic S. E. Chapman

(archaic) a farmyard
Sir Derek (Harold Richard). 1918–98, British organic chemist: shared the Nobel prize for chemistry (1969) for his work on conformational analysis
Sir Edmund 1849–1920, Australian statesman; first prime minister of Australia (1901–03)
Elizabeth, known as the Maid of Kent. ?1506–34, English nun, who claimed the gift of prophecy. Her criticism of Henry VIII’s attempt to annul his first marriage led to her execution
John (Bernard Adie). born 1928, British theatre director, noted esp for his productions of Shakespeare

Barton Bar·ton (bär’tn), Clara. Full name Clarissa Harlowe Barton.. 1821-1912.

American administrator who did battlefield relief work during the Civil War and organized the American Red Cross (1881).


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