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Base metal

any metal other than a precious or noble metal, as copper, lead, zinc, or tin.
Compare noble metal, precious metal.
the principal metal of an alloy.
the principal metal of a piece underlying a coating of another metal; core.
Historical Examples

He knows it is only base metal, washed over with a thin varnish of learning.
Roundabout Papers William Makepeace Thackeray

Her talisman was of base metal, the one cheap thing she wore, yet real.
The Bright Messenger Algernon Blackwood

In a few days he brought back six coins, which he insisted were of base metal.
Mysteries of Police and Crime Arthur Griffiths

If the quartz be clean, and the gold unmixed with base metal, the difficulty is small.
Getting Gold J. C. F. Johnson

You ring a choice few of these on the counter and prove them base metal.
Adventures in Criticism Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

A pair of scales for weighing ore and buttons of base metal.
The A B C of Mining Charles A. Bramble

Well, all his metal melted, and ran away, and he saw it had been nothing but a base metal after all.
The Furnace Rose Macaulay

He knows what is bad, and with him base metal is never offered us for gold.
Arts and Crafts Essays Various

To speak honestly, the savant is a complex of very various impulses and attractive forces—he is a base metal throughout.
Thoughts Out of Season (Part II) Friedrich Nietzsche

It is base metal from the devil’s mint, and is worthless in God’s sight.
Practical Religion John Charles Ryle

any of certain common metals such as copper, lead, zinc, and tin, as distinct from the precious metals, gold, silver, and platinum


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