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Base pay

pay received for a given work period, as an hour or week, but not including additional pay, as for overtime work.
Contemporary Examples

The base pay is about $45,000, and it takes 22 long years to hit the $100,000 cap, according to the Department of Education.
The $140,000 Janitors Azriel James Relph November 23, 2010

Historical Examples

Besides the base pay of a man’s rating there is extra money for men doing special work.
The U-boat hunters James B. Connolly

Men in the Flying Corps get 50 per cent more than the base pay their rating calls for.
The U-boat hunters James B. Connolly

We received a base pay each month and a flying pay for each month when we flew at least four hours.
The Biography of a Rabbit Roy Benson


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