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Also called mopboard, skirt. a board forming the foot of an interior wall.
a board forming the base of anything.
Contemporary Examples

Other features include True Radiant, which compensates for the longer time it takes for baseboard systems to adjust temperatures.
How the Nest Thermostat Could Save the Planet Daniel Gross July 24, 2013

Historical Examples

Even an old house can be equipped with ceiling, wall and baseboard outlets with but little expense or inconvenience to you.
Fowler’s Household Helps A. L. Fowler

The walls of the room have a 3-inch baseboard, but no wainscotting.
The Fairfax County Courthouse Ross D. Netherton

A baseboard outlet should be available for small portable lamps which may be used upon the bureau or for electric heating devices.
Artificial Light M. Luckiesh

They crept along slowly, their wagons loaded from baseboard to roof.
Historic Adventures Rupert S. Holland

A crack between flooring and baseboard may be the air leak that has caused the trouble.
If You’re Going to Live in the Country Thomas H. Ormsbee and Richmond Huntley

The slot in the small end of the baseboard is for the film to pass through.
The Boy Mechanic, Book 2 Various

Great care was taken to place the hairs at exactly the same height above the baseboard.
The Scientific American Boy A. Russell (Alexander Russell) Bond

The parts for the gongs and electrical apparatus are supported on a baseboard, 3/4 in.
The Boy Mechanic, Book 2 Various

The metal forming the lamp house is fastened on a baseboard, cut to snugly fit on the inside.
The Boy Mechanic, Book 2 Various

a board functioning as the base of anything
(US & Canadian) Also called skirting board. a skirting made of wood

1854, from base (n.) + board (n.1).


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