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a city in and the capital of Basel-Stadt, in NW Switzerland, on the Rhine River.
a canton in N Switzerland, divided into two independent areas.
a demicanton in N Switzerland: virtually coextensive with the city of Basel. 14 sq. mi. (36 sq. km).
Capital: Basel.
Contemporary Examples

Every passenger on the Swissair flight was given a miniature chocolate football as we approached Basel.
Live From Art Basel Anthony Haden-Guest June 16, 2010

In 2010, alongside PAPER Magazine, FWY and Pharrell created Rainbow City at Art Basel Miami Beach.
New York City’s New Mystery Art Piece Sara Sayed September 21, 2014

The Daily Pic: In Basel, Marijke van Warmerdam’s cherries sell themselves.
If Vermeer Hit Madison Ave. Blake Gopnik June 12, 2013

His feelings were echoed by another young man who called himself Basel.
Desperate to Go to War, Syrians in Egypt Find an Ally to Help Alastair Beach, Abdulhamid Mallas May 2, 2013

It was the first major event of Art Basel Miami Beach, a grand Super Bowl of culture held every December in Miami.
Have We Hit Marina Abramovic Overload? Alexandra Peers December 4, 2013

Historical Examples

On the approach of the duke of Savoy he removed to Basel in 1579.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 7 Various

Basel, for all her differences with him, buried Erasmus with great honours.
Holbein Beatrice Fortescue

This short work was first printed in Basel, 1549, and consists of one chapter of 23 folio pages.
De Re Metallica Georgius Agricola

The silk-brocade industry is centred chiefly in this city and Basel.
Commercial Geography Jacques W. Redway

As already stated, his wife survived him by six years, dying at Basel in 1549.
Holbein Beatrice Fortescue

a variant spelling of Basle

city in northwestern Switzerland, founded 44 C.E. as Robur (from Latin roburetum “oak grove”); renamed 374 as Basilia (from Greek basilea “royal”) when it became the “royal” fortress of Valentinian I.


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