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(formerly) one of a class of irregular mounted troops in the Turkish military service.
Historical Examples

Even a bashi-bazouk must have quailed before that amazing declaration and that patient resignation to fate.
The Skipper and the Skipped Holman Day

But may I ask what all this means, and why you were hiding behind my curtains as though you were a burglar or a bashi-bazouk?
Molly Bawn Margaret Wolfe Hamilton

I get twenty doldars for a real odalisk and fifteen for a bashi-bazouk.
Felix O’Day F. Hopkinson Smith

There is something about him as exotic as a samovar, as essentially un-American as a bashi-bazouk, a nose-ring or a fugue.
A Book of Prefaces H. L. Mencken

As I looked six spearmen started out and spurred full speed at our bashi-bazouk, who was some two hundred yards behind us.
Tent Work in Palestine Claude Reignier Conder

The sand of the desert, Seti’s breath and the tail of his yelek made the coat of bashi-bazouk like silk.
Donovan Pasha And Some People Of Egypt, Complete Gilbert Parker

When we clattered into the cobbled street, we found a solitary bashi-bazouk armed with a Winchester repeating rifle.
Recollections David Christie Murray


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