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Basic dress

a simple, usually dark dress that may be worn with various accessories or in combination with other garments so that it is suitable for different occasions.


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    a dye soluble in acid and insoluble in basic solution, consisting mostly of amino or imino compounds of xanthene or triarylmethane: used mainly for inks, carbon paper, and typewriter ribbon. Historical Examples If there is a precipitate there is a basic dye, if not, an acid dye. The Manufacture of Paper Robert Walter Sindall This […]

  • Basic education

    noun (in India) education in which all teaching is correlated with the learning of a craft Contemporary Examples Another 71 million adolescents are out of school, many of them lacking a basic education. Gordon Brown: Our Silent Education Crisis Gordon Brown January 25, 2012 Most important, as employers, the old patricians understood the need for […]

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    a simplified form of English restricted to an 850-word vocabulary and a few rules of grammar, intended especially as an international auxiliary language and for use in teaching English as a foreign language: devised by Charles Kay Ogden. noun a simplified form of English, proposed by C. K. Ogden and I. A. Richards, containing a […]

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