Basic rate

base rate.
the rate of pay per unit of time, as by the hour, or per piece, or for work performed at an established standard rate.
Historical Examples

But the basic rate to the East and Europe, fixing the all-rail rates, is the combined lake and rail.
Railroads: Rates and Regulations William Z. Ripley

It would also permit the President to raise the basic rate from 20% to 25%.
The Invisible Government Dan Smoot

These rates vary from about one-third to more than double the basic rate.
Area Handbook for Romania Eugene K. Keefe, Donald W. Bernier, Lyle E. Brenneman, William Giloane, James M. Moore, and Neda A. Walpole

the standard or lowest level on a scale of money payable, esp in taxation
(Brit) the rate of interest used by individual commercial banks as a basis for their lending rates
(Brit, informal) the rate at which the Bank of England lends to the discount houses, which effectively controls the interest rates charged throughout the banking system
(statistics) the average number of times an event occurs divided by the average number of times on which it might occur

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