basihyoid ba·si·hy·oid (bā’sə-hī’oid’)

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  • Basilect

    the variety of language in a creole continuum that is most distinct from the acrolect.

  • Saint basil

    Saint. Also, Basilius, (“the Great”) a.d. 329?–379, bishop of Caesarea in Asia Minor (brother of Saint Gregory of Nyssa). a male given name: from a Greek word meaning “royal.”. Historical Examples saint basil spoke of extraordinary occasions when no priest could be had. One Snowy Night Emily Sarah Holt You remember our description of the […]

  • Basil i

    noun known as the Macedonian. died 886 ad, Byzantine emperor (876–86): founder of the Macedonian dynasty

  • Basil thyme

    a plant, Acinos thymoides, of the mint family, having egg-shaped leaves and purplish flowers.

  • Basilan

    an island in the Philippines, SW of Mindanao. 495 sq. mi. (1282 sq. km). Formerly Isabela. a city on this island. Historical Examples Basilan dropped astern as they negotiated the countless islands of the Pilas Group. The Pirates of Shan Harold Leland Goodwin His cousin, Adasaolan, who had accompanied him, had taken up his abode […]

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