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basilic (def 2).
Historical Examples

The basilican form, too, has vanished; we have now the nave and transepts of the Latin cross.
The Cathedral Builders Leader Scott

It is always probable that the basilican plan had its origin in a plan originally aisleless.
The Ground Plan of the English Parish Church A. Hamilton Thompson

Germany is especially rich in Romanesque churches, which, like those of Belgium, are of basilican plan with flat roofs.
Architecture Nancy R E Meugens Bell

The basilican church of the period has been so often described that it will not be necessary to give a detailed description of it.
The Cathedral Builders Leader Scott

A smaller edifice of basilican type is generally supposed to have been a Christian church.
Early Britain–Roman Britain Edward Conybeare

The plan of the ancient church has been traced; it was basilican in form, with aisles and an apse.
The Cathedral Builders Leader Scott

These two examples of the basilican style are clear and distinct.
Constantinople William Holden Hutton

We have already noticed that possibly the basilican arrangement might be providentially ordered with reference to this.
Churches and Church Ornaments William Durandus

It was a basilican church with nave, and aisles raised two steps above it.
The Shores of the Adriatic F. Hamilton Jackson

It is very similar in form to the early churches in Italy and other parts of the Roman Empire, and is of the basilican type.
English Villages P. H. Ditchfield


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