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a city in Hampshire, S central England.
Historical Examples

Besides, what was the use of remaining at Basingstoke, when he did not even know his own destination?
Her Ladyship’s Elephant David Dwight Wells

“Well, if you refuse to let me go to Basingstoke——” began the bride.
Her Ladyship’s Elephant David Dwight Wells

The light of life had, once more, for Mr. Basingstoke, absolutely gone out.
The Incredible Honeymoon E. Nesbit

In spite of the bad weather, Mrs. Frothingham had travelled up from Basingstoke.
The Whirlpool George Gissing

We reached Basingstoke at eleven o’clock, found the family well and all things in order.
Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897 Elizabeth Cady Stanton

I think that perhaps I and Larkin had better go over to Basingstoke.
Ralph the Heir Anthony Trollope

In the corner was the address: “11, Chubb’s Cottages, Basingstoke.”
Hilda Wade Grant Allen

Mrs. Davies frightened him into buying a piece of Irish when we were in Basingstoke.
The Letters of Jane Austen Jane Austen

Recollect the chalk cuttings and banks on the railway between Basingstoke and Winchester—how utterly barren they are.
Madam How and Lady Why Charles Kingsley

In that case, how did she come to be passing by Basingstoke?
Hilda Wade Grant Allen

a town in S England, in N Hampshire. Pop: 90 171 (2001)


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