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Basket chair

a wicker chair the arms of which are a forward continuation of the back.
Historical Examples

“A promise is a promise,” replied Dr. Severn, rising from his basket chair.
The Third Class at Miss Kaye’s Angela Brazil

Trix had descended from the table, and seated herself in a basket chair.
Antony Gray,–Gardener Leslie Moore

He sat down on the basket chair at the foot of my bed, facing me, and with his back to the light.
Betty Grier Joseph Waugh

“And she’s so young,” he thought, as he looked across at the basket chair.
Love Among the Chickens P. G. Wodehouse

The colonel had drawn forward a basket chair, and was leaning back in it with crossed legs, and one foot swinging.
The Isle of Unrest Henry Seton Merriman

Smuts had grown used to the basket chair and was settling down for a nap.
Just William Richmal Crompton

And this time Mrs. Armine noticed that the basket chair did not creak beneath his movement.
Bella Donna Robert Hichens

And the tiny noise was followed by the creak of a basket chair.
Bella Donna Robert Hichens

Lablache was ensconced in his basket chair, and Horrocks was at the great man’s desk.
The Story of the Foss River Ranch Ridgwell Cullum

And only three days ago she had been sitting in the basket chair.
A Mere Accident George Moore

a chair made of wickerwork; a wicker chair


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