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baskets collectively; basketwork.
the art or process of making baskets.
Historical Examples

The Norms are going to start a class in basketry; who wants to join?
The Girl Scouts at Camp Comalong Lillian Garis

Hats, usually of basketry, were worn by many Pacific coast tribes.
The Myths of the North American Indians Lewis Spence

basketry is an important factor in the promotion of education.
Practical Basketry Anna A. Gill

basketry is what I taught; I liked it best, and was good at it.
Pippin; A Wandering Flame Laura E. Richards

For the more convenient porterage of them they would be enclosed in netting or basketry.
Evolution in Art Alfred C. Haddon

In this, as in basketry and pottery, the answer is found in nature.
The Indians of the Painted Desert Region George Wharton James

basketry includes a number of groups of utensils distinguished from one another by the use to which they are devoted.
Prehistoric Textile Art of Eastern United States William Henry Holmes

Clay is handled practically in the same way as the materials of basketry.
Picturesque Pala George Wharton James

Among the minor crafts which may be a source of real pleasure and good taste, two are prominent: pottery and basketry.
The Library of Work and Play: Guide and Index Cheshire L. Boone

basketry was used by the primitive Indians in carrying water.
Practical Basketry Anna A. Gill

the art or practice of making baskets
baskets collectively


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