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baso- pref.
Variant of basi-.


Read Also:

  • Basoerythrocyte

    basoerythrocyte basoerythrocyte ba·so·e·ryth·ro·cyte (bā’sō-ĭ-rĭth’rə-sīt’, -zō-) n. A red blood cell that shows stippling associated with basic staining granules, representing a condition such as severe anemia, leukemia, or lead poisoning.

  • Basoerythrocytosis

    basoerythrocytosis basoerythrocytosis ba·so·e·ryth·ro·cy·to·sis (bā’sō-ĭ-rĭth’rə-sī-tō’sĭs, bā’zō-) n. An increase of red blood cells that show stippling resulting from the presence of basic staining granules and frequently observed in diseases characterized by prolonged hypochromic anemia.

  • Basolateral

    basolateral basolateral ba·so·lat·er·al (bā’sə-lāt’ər-əl, -zə-) adj. Variant of basilateral.

  • Bason

    a basin. Historical Examples The pantler, without making any oral answer, presented him with the sponge, and held the bason of water in the manner directed. Hildebrand Anonymous Then set the bason in a saucepan of water, the top of which will just fit it, or on a hot hearth, and stir it till it […]

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