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any tree of the genus Tilia, especially T. americana, the American linden, having drooping branches and large, toothed, ovate leaves.
the wood of a linden.
Historical Examples

These are known in this country as basswood or white-wood; in Europe they are called Lime Trees.
Woodcraft Alan Douglas

Fruit of basswood as a sailboat, and a few others as adapted to the water.
Seed Dispersal William J. Beal

Then came the other boys, and Mr. and Mrs. basswood and Dunston Porter.
Dave Porter in the Gold Fields Edward Stratemeyer

“But I am so thankful that no one was hurt,” broke in Mrs. basswood.
Dave Porter At Bear Camp Edward Stratemeyer

Currency consisted of old guns, town lots, basswood lumber, etc.
Old Rail Fence Corners Various

Mr. basswood departed for Carpen Falls in the middle of the forenoon.
Dave Porter At Bear Camp Edward Stratemeyer

If soft woods are used, red gum and basswood make an agreeable contrast in colour.
Carpentry and Woodwork Edwin W. Foster

“Ben was ahead, but I think Roger is up to him,” announced Mrs. basswood.
Dave Porter At Bear Camp Edward Stratemeyer

This is the product of the linden or basswood, of all the trees in our forest the one most beloved by the bees.
Locusts and Wild Honey John Burroughs

A little later Mrs. Wadsworth and Mrs. basswood joined the group.
Dave Porter At Bear Camp Edward Stratemeyer

any of several North American linden trees, esp Tilia americana Sometimes shortened to bass
the soft light-coloured wood of any of these trees, used for furniture


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