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to lower in condition or worth; debase:
hybrid works that neither preserve nor bastardize existing art forms.
to declare or prove (someone) to be a bastard.
Australian. to harass or humiliate as part of initiation into a college or regiment.
to become debased.
the act of bastardizing

an initiation ceremony in a school or military unit, esp one involving brutality
brutality or bullying

verb (transitive)
to debase; corrupt
(archaic) to declare illegitimate

1610s, “to identify as a bastard,” from bastard (q.v.) + -ize. The figurative sense, “to make degenerate, debase” is earlier (1580s), probably because bastard also was serving as a verb meaning “to declare illegitimate” (1540s). Related: Bastardized; bastardizing; bastardization.


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  • Bastardly

    of no value; worthless. spurious; counterfeit: a bastardly version of a text. bastard; baseborn. vicious or despicable.

  • Bastardry

    unpleasant, often aggressive behavior. noun (slang, mainly Austral) malicious or cruel behaviour

  • Bastardy

    the state or condition of being a bastard; illegitimacy. the act of begetting a bastard. noun (archaic) the condition of being a bastard; illegitimacy n. early 14c., “condition of illegitimacy,” from Anglo-French and Old French bastardie, from bastard (see bastard). As “begetting of bastards, fornication” from 1570s.

  • Bastel house

    (on the Anglo-Scottish border) a partly fortified house, usually with a vaulted ground floor.

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