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[ah-dawlf] /ˈɑ dɔlf/ (Show IPA), 1826–1905, German anthropologist.
Contemporary Examples

Plus, if nothing else, Bastian Schweinsteiger is generally considered to be top of the WAG standings.
World Cup Primer Joshua Robinson June 11, 2010

Historical Examples

Beyond this Professor Bastian knows nothing–we know nothing.
Life: Its True Genesis R. W. Wright

Bastian, one of the Queens servants, was celebrating his marriage in the palace.
Edinburgh Rosaline Masson

Mr Bastian was a shade wiser—not that he possessed much principle, but that he could realise the fact of its existence.
All’s Well Emily Sarah Holt

The more powerful a king of Loango is, says Bastian, the more taboos he must observe.
Totem and Taboo Sigmund Freud

However, the same fate which has overtaken his predecessors has befallen Dr. Bastian himself.
The Philosophy of Natural Theology William Jackson

Madame Bastian gazed into the shadow, where they made an indistinct group.
The Children of Alsace Ren Bazin

After the example of Liebig in 1870, Dr. Bastian did not accept the challenge.
Louis Pasteur Ren Vallery-Radot

So they talked, as all partisan crowds do, while Bastian toed the mark.
Fast Nine Alan Douglas

Yet if Father Bastian refused to shrive me, what should come of me?
All’s Well Emily Sarah Holt


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