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a city in N Louisiana.
Historical Examples

A chaos—perhaps where no human foot has trod—perhaps Bastrop—perhaps New Jersey!
Rolling Stones O. Henry

When the show was touring Texas we chanced to hire a man in Bastrop county.
Sawdust & Spangles W. C. Coup

“It’s Pietro the gambler, from Bastrop,” said one of the Texans, after a close scrutiny.
For the Liberty of Texas Edward Stratemeyer

The men from the adjoining counties reached Bastrop the night before.
Terry’s Texas Rangers Leonidas B. Giles

At Bastrop they found two companies of United States volunteers doing guard duty.
Secrets of the Late Rebellion J. R. Freese

Every man is to receive one hundred acres of the Bastrop land, besides his regular pay.
A Dream of Empire William Henry Venable

Certainly, the Bastrop grant was so placed as to afford every possible lure to the youthful, enterprising, and adventurous.
The Life of John Marshall Volume 3 of 4 Albert J. Beveridge


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