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Bat mitzvah

a solemn ceremony, chiefly among Reform and Conservative Jews, that is held in the synagogue on Friday night or Saturday morning to admit formally as an adult member of the Jewish community a girl 12 to 13 years old.
the girl participating in this ceremony.
to administer the ceremony of bat mitzvah to.
Contemporary Examples

Women, say, may organize a bat mitzvah there, and even wear a tallis (though tfilin are still up in the air, I believe).
Women: Talk To The Wall Bernard Avishai June 13, 2013

Was trying to buy something worthy of a bat mitzvah invite for my daughter at a top-of-the-line country club.
Holiday Coupon Generosity: A Christmas Miracle Jennifer Frey December 24, 2010

(of a Jewish girl) having attained religious majority at the age of twelve
the date of, or, in some congregations, a ceremony marking, this event
the girl herself on that day

1950, literally “daughter of command;” a Jewish girl who has reached age 12, the age of religious majority. Extended to the ceremony held on occasion of this.
bat mitzvah [(baht, bahs mits-vuh)]

An important ceremony and social event in Judaism marking the beginning of religious responsibility for Jewish girls; it is the less frequently observed counterpart of the bar mitzvah. Bat mitzvah is Hebrew for “daughter of the commandment.”


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