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of or relating to Batavia (a former name for Holland or Jakarta) or its inhabitants
a native or inhabitant of Batavia
Historical Examples

A capital work,” said the batavian, “I read it some time since in Trajectum.
Quintus Claudius, Volume 1 of 2 Ernst Eckstein

It was evident that the batavian was not at all equal to Macer.
The Martyr of the Catacombs Anonymous

The batavian republic now was a bona-fide modern state and all was well with the world.
The Rise of the Dutch Kingdom Hendrik Willem van Loon

And I myself was surprised to find how he was silent at once at the name of the batavian.
Quintus Claudius, Volume 1 of 2 Ernst Eckstein

The young batavian did not at first seem to observe the new arrivals.
Quintus Claudius, Volume 1 of 2 Ernst Eckstein

Whether I am a batavian or no is not even yet quite clear to me.
Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam Ephraim Emerton

Next to these rank the Dutch or batavian kind, and after these the Singapore nutmegs.
Cooley’s Practical Receipts, Volume II Arnold Cooley

The same is the case with the batavian and Frisian frontier.
The English Language Robert Gordon Latham

He insisted on it,” said the batavian to Lucilia; “the worthy man was anxious not to intrude on our party.
Quintus Claudius, Volume 1 of 2 Ernst Eckstein

He, and he alone, was not satisfied with the stereotyped batavian tradition.
Footsteps of Fate Louis Couperus


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