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Also, batteau. Nautical.

Chiefly Canadian and Southern U.S. a small, flat-bottomed rowboat used on rivers.
a half-decked, sloop-rigged boat used for fishing on Chesapeake Bay; skipjack.
(in some regions) a scow.

a pontoon of a floating bridge.
Historical Examples

For this purpose he took the route of the deep and rapid St. Lawrence, making his way in bateaux for 130 miles above Montreal.
The Conquest of Canada (Vol. 1 of 2) George Warburton

At present, they are navigable about half their length for small steamboats and bateaux.
Old Mackinaw W. P. Strickland.

The commandant’s boat had pulled much faster, and was a long way ahead of the bateaux.
The Settlers in Canada Frederick Marryat

The canoe and bateaux were their only means of transportation.
The Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, Vol. IV Various

These fairly swarmed with men loading and unloading ships and bateaux, and piling and unpiling goods.
The Golden Dog William Kirby

But Clark was no believer in omens, and he ordered the bateaux to proceed.
The Old Northwest Frederic Austin Ogg

His heavy artillery, ammunition, and stores, followed his march by the river in bateaux and other vessels.
The Conquest of Canada (Vol. 2 of 2) George Warburton

Near this place, the two hundred bateaux had been hastily built of green pine.
Hero Stories from American History Albert F. Blaisdell

The bateaux were now on shore, and the party landed to pass the night at the small stockaded village of Trois Rivières.
The Settlers in Canada Frederick Marryat

The Kentuckians could be recognised by their call as they helped the bateaux over the rapids and launched them below.
The Conquest Eva Emery Dye

noun (pl) -teaux (-təʊz; French) (-to)
a light flat-bottomed boat used on rivers in Canada and the northern US

French-Canadian river boat, 1711, from French bateau, from Old French batel, from Germanic (see boat (n.)).


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