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Bath chair

a wheeled and hooded chair, used especially by invalids.
any wheelchair.
Historical Examples

The gist of that information was that the owner of the house was a lame gentleman who sometimes went out in a Bath chair.
The Slave of Silence Fred M. White

Miss Sharp followed my Bath chair,—and with extreme diligence kept me to the re-arranging of the first chapter.
Man and Maid Elinor Glyn

Goes about in a Bath chair which he hires from a regular keeper of this class of thing.
The Slave of Silence Fred M. White

First she wanted a stout boy to help to draw her Bath chair, while the footman pushed behind, it being a hilly country.
Field and Hedgerow Richard Jefferies

He ought to get her a proper servant and a man for the garden and the Bath chair.
Life and Death of Harriett Frean May Sinclair

The Rue Grenier-sur-leau is so narrow that it would scarcely admit of the passage of a Bath chair.
Old and New Paris, v. 1 Henry Sutherland Edwards

A querulous little cry reached her from the Bath chair, drawn up on the promenade.
Berenice E. Phillips Oppenheim

Mrs. Perch was a fragile little body whose life should have been and could have been divided between her bed and a Bath chair.
If Winter Comes A.S.M. Hutchinson

On her way there she had overtaken Robin’s wife wheeling Robin in a Bath chair.
Life and Death of Harriett Frean May Sinclair

We had secured a victoria which was not much larger than a Bath chair, but in a crowd this had its advantage.
The Argosy Various

a wheelchair for invalids, often with a hood


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