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Bathing suit

a garment worn for swimming.
Contemporary Examples

I guess it was a bathing suit because it was a bright color.
My Friend Justin Feldman Martin London September 27, 2011

Feeling no need to expose her child to this bimbo in a bathing suit, Julie had banned them from her household.
Confessions of a Barbie Freak Susan Shapiro March 8, 2009

No one can touch you where your bathing suit covers.Resist it.
Lenore Skenazy: Teach Kids Safety Rules, But Don’t Keep Them Inside Lenore Skenazy October 23, 2012

He seemed to think that I was commenting on his bathing suit picture.
So Long, Democrats Wendy Button October 27, 2008

Historical Examples

“Come just as you are–in your bathing suit,” invited Cora, and Rosalie did.
The Motor Girls on the Coast Margaret Penrose

He entered the boathouse, undressed, and donned his bathing suit.
The Woman-Haters Joseph C. Lincoln

Very nice old chap, Carson, impressive even in his bathing suit.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 Various

“I think Sara looks like a Greek god in a bathing suit,” she said.
Still Jim Honor Willsie Morrow

And he must have looked heavenly in his bathing suit when he made that wonderful rescue.
Officer 666 Barton W. Currie

You’d love it, and you’d look simply divine in a bathing suit.
A Modern Chronicle, Complete Winston Churchill

a garment worn for bathing, esp an old-fashioned one that covers much of the body
another name for swimming costume


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