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a long, loose, coat-like garment, often tied with a belt of the same material, worn before and after a bath, over sleepwear, or as leisure wear at home.
Contemporary Examples

“I fully expect him to show up in a bathrobe next time with disheveled hair,” Lehane joked in an interview.
Can Rick Perry Come Back? Jill Lawrence October 14, 2011

Why does Don sit out in the cold at the end of the episode—alone on his balcony in his bathrobe?
Jon Hamm on the Final Season of ‘Mad Men’ and the Advice He Got From Bryan Cranston and Tina Fey Andrew Romano April 13, 2014

Take a picture hugging a guest while wearing his or her bathrobe?
A Most Illegal Adventure with New York City’s Wildest Underground Event Planners Nina Strochlic December 15, 2013

However, on one summer evening, Mike arrives and Donna is dressed in a bathrobe.
Cry Macho: Arnold’s Canceled Film Marlow Stern May 25, 2011

Eli fancies himself a bong-wielding Holden Caulfield in a bathrobe.
Must Reads: Kennedy, Sontag and Paris, ‘A Partial History of Lost Causes,’ ‘City of Bohane,’ ‘Flatscreen’ Lauren Elkin, Mythili Rao, Drew Toal, Nicholas Mancusi April 5, 2012

Historical Examples

He flew into the hall where he had left his medicine-case, and Peter ran for a bathrobe.
The White Mice Richard Harding Davis

He wrapped his bathrobe carefully about him and opened the door.
Philo Gubb Correspondence-School Detective Ellis Parker Butler

Diving into a bathrobe, he turned the water on for his bath, trotted to the front room and discovered the evasion of Mr. Iff.
The Bandbox Louis Joseph Vance

“I threw a bathrobe over my grip in the first place,” said Nan.
Nan Sherwood at Palm Beach Annie Roe Carr

The captain put on his bathrobe, then went to the window and sat down there.
Cursed George Allan England

a loose-fitting garment of towelling, for wear before or after a bath or swimming
(US & Canadian) a dressing gown

1894, from bath (n.) + robe (n.).


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