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a tub to bathe in, especially one that is a permanent fixture in a bathroom.
Contemporary Examples

We fill every container, bucket and bathtub in the house and it lasts us until the next time.
Beating Cancer & Dodging Israel’s Bombs Itay Hod August 31, 2014

She stumbles over to the bathroom and points to the bathtub.
‘My Granny The Escort’: Meet 85-Year-Old Sheila Vogel-Coupe, Britain’s Oldest Prostitute Marlow Stern June 2, 2014

Grover Norquist famously wants to shrink government to such a small size that you can drown it in a bathtub.
What Should a Limited Government Do? Justin Green May 8, 2013

Whitney Houston had died, found floating in the bathtub at her hotel suite in Beverly Hills.
How Salman Rushdie’s Tweet Put Me Off Twitter Benjamin Anastas July 7, 2013

It has everything but the kitchen sink (though there is a bathtub).
Robin Thicke, Madonna & More of Music’s Most Scandalous Videos Victoria Kezra July 17, 2013

Historical Examples

Then she turned on the water in the bathtub and took a bath.
Carolyn of the Corners Ruth Belmore Endicott

Besides, he doesn’t have to be dressed up all the time and live in a bathtub the way I do.’
Andiron Tales John Kendrick Bangs

Theres plenty of room in that bathtub, but you wont find much hot water.
Peter Cotterell’s Treasure Rupert Sargent Holland

What do you whistle in your bathtub when you are in a reminiscent mood?
The Merry-Go-Round Carl Van Vechten

While he went to put the gingham in the bathtub, Fanny helped to make the newcomer comfortable.
Bought and Paid For Arthur Hornblow

a bath, esp one not permanently fixed

1837, from bath + tub. Prohibition-era bathtub gin is recorded by 1928.


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