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bathyesthesia bath·y·es·the·sia (bāth’ē-ĭs-thē’zhə)
The sensibility of the parts of the body located beneath the surface, such as muscle and joint sensibility.


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  • Bathyhypesthesia

    bathyhypesthesia bathyhypesthesia bath·y·hyp·es·the·sia (bāth’ē-hĭp’ĭs-thē’zhə) n. The impaired sensitivity of muscular tissues and other deep structures.

  • Bathylimnetic

    adjective (of an organism) living in the depths of lakes and marshes

  • Bathymetry

    the measurement of the depths of oceans, seas, or other large bodies of water. the data derived from such measurement, especially as compiled in a topographic map. Historical Examples bathymetry, bath-im′et-ri, n. the science of measuring the depth of seas and lakes. Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various noun measurement of […]

  • Bathypelagic

    pertaining to or living in the bathyal region of an ocean. adjective of, relating to, or inhabiting the lower depths of the ocean between approximately 1000 and 4000 metres

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