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a spherical diving apparatus from which to study deep-sea life, lowered into the ocean depths by a cable.
Historical Examples

It was not the grapple hooks from his ship, but chains—chains which the man-armed sharks were wrapping around the bathysphere.
Astounding Stories, August, 1931 Various

It was pried up, and slid off the top of the bathysphere, to crash upon the floor outside.
Astounding Stories, August, 1931 Various

a strong steel deep-sea diving sphere, lowered by cable
A hollow, spherical steel diving chamber in which people are lowered by cable from a surface vessel to explore the ocean depths. In 1934 a bathysphere carrying William Beebe and an associate reached a record depth of over 923 m (3,028 ft). Because space in the bathysphere is cramped, dives longer than three-and-a-half hours are intolerable, and it was eventually supplanted by the bathyscaphe.


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